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Cost Savings

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Cost Savings

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Cost of conducting vaccinations service
$ 0 /four week period

Without PharmAssess With PharmAssess
0 mins Time per vaccination 5 mins
$ 0 Total revenue generated, per 4 weeks $ 0
$ 0 Total cost of conducting vaccination services, per 4 weeks $ 0
$ 0 Total profit generated, per 4 weeks $ 0

Our partners, Pharmacy Access Solutions,
offer our PharmAssess customers an additional
means to save via Access Pointâ„¢ Business Intelligence Tool.

The issue                    

  • You have untimely and inaccurate accounting and financial performance information.
  • Your accounting, dispensing and POS systems do not reconcile.
  • Your bookkeeping resources are spent on store follow-up and manual data entry, which is prone to error.
  • Your information systems are not able to effectively and economically scale.

    Did you know?                    

    • The cost to retrieve and centralize your data is high.

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      • The cost of bad data compounds the issue.

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        Let us help!                    

        • Centralized, automated, accurate, up-to-date data for timely decision making.
        • Reconciled accounting, dispensing and point of sales system data.
        • Relevant performance monitoring of reimbursed services and other indices
        • Fraud detection via provision of over/underage on cash reports.
        • Provides gross margin indices based on average cost of goods.
        • Removes human administration, saving time and removing data entry errors.
        • Significantly reduces costs and growth limitations (scalability ).

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